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 The cloud is just another sun, 2021

“This thesis deals with the contemporary and generational phenomenon of the dichotomous relation between the virtual and the material spaces. Departing from personal and shared experience and moving into observations of internet-based relations and views of the real, Morgane’s writings follow trails of thought that depend on these same experiential phenomena for their discursive expression. Explorative in kind, this is not a thesis aspiring to academic perfection but a tackling of the present-day reality of emotional development within a realm that feels more real than “the outdoors” (which increasingly appears manipulated and post-produced) and definitely has become more comfortable than whatever manifests irl.”

Paula Albuqeurque

C++, 40 degrees, a bladder infection, 2021

"This small essay is a personal insight on a women's experience of the technological and medical field and how it failed her and her body. Through a journaling practice intertwined with broader thoughts and references, this essay gives us perspective on the urgency of diversity and intersectionality in male-dominated environments."